Rent A Dumpster To Help Manage Debris When You Tear Down Your Shed

5 August 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

A dumpster rental comes in handy when you're ready to demolish the old shed in your backyard. Getting rid of all the debris could be difficult if you don't have a truck to haul it to the dump yourself.

A dumpster is a good choice since you may have a little room left in the dumpster to add other junk you want to get rid of if you're allowed to mix junk with construction debris. Here are some things to ask the dumpster rental company and tips for using the dumpster for shed debris.

Things To Ask The Dumpster Rental Company

It's important to understand how to use your rented dumpster so you don't get hit with unexpected fees for doing something wrong. Explain how you want to use the dumpster so the company can help you choose the right size and let you know what you can put in it.

Explain that you plan to mix wood, metal, and concrete in the same dumpster. Ask if you can also throw in household junk if there is space. You may also want to know if you can add tree branches and yard debris. If you plan to bust up the concrete slab and throw it in the dumpster, you may want to give the dumpster rental company the length and width of the foundation so they can estimate the size of your dumpster.

Dumpsters are rented based on the length you need as well as the amount of weight you'll throw in, so you'll want to make sure you can throw a concrete foundation in the dumpster without paying a weight overage fee.

Tips For Using A Dumpster Rental For Shed Debris

The dumpster company may not be able to park the dumpster very close to your shed. The containers usually have to be placed on concrete since they may sink into the dirt if it rains and be difficult to remove. That means you'll probably need a wheelbarrow to transport the shed parts.

Try to stack the boards and sheets of roofing so they take up the least amount of room. You'll get more in a small dumpster if you stay organized as you place debris in the dumpster rather than just toss debris over the side.

Be sure to rent your dumpster for a long enough period in case it takes a few days to get the job done. Busting up concrete with a sledgehammer is tough work, and you want to work at a comfortable pace. You might want the dumpster for several days so you'll have it over two weekends. This gives you a chance to work at a slow pace and allows for downtime due to rain.