Beautify The Land That The Town's Park Is Located On

6 November 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you are in charge of the recreational committee for your town's park and have recently noticed that a lot of litter is near the playground equipment, bandstand, and hiking trails, you can make a difference by beautifying the land and minimizing the amount of trash strewn around in the future by following the advice below. After completing the project, the park will have an alluring appearance that both parents and children will appreciate.

Obtain A Group Of Volunteers

Hold a meeting at the recreation center or common area that is located on the park's grounds and welcome citizens of the neighboring community to attend. During the meeting, voice your concern over the influx of trash that you have spotted and introduced the idea of forming a group of volunteers to pick up the trash.

If you can obtain a list of people, who are willing to help, purchase some bright-colored t-shirts for them to wear on the day of the event and have iron-on transfers added to the shirts that contain a brief statement about beautifying the property. After everyone has pitched in and done their best to clean up the grounds, award group members with a pizza party or cookout. 

Rent Dumpsters For Long-Term Use

Rent a couple of dumpsters from a waste management company and have them delivered to opposite sides of the parkland. If you have an area for people to grill out food or enjoy picnics, you will no longer need to worry about visitors being inconvenienced by not having a suitable area to throw away trash, which could result in them tossing items on the ground.

Instead, people may be motivated to throw all of their waste items inside of the receptacles that are provided. Make arrangements to have the dumpsters emptied at regular intervals to minimize unpleasant odors on the property. 

Place Cans Near Seating Areas And Prohibit Food And Drinks In Some Areas

Parents may wish to sit on benches that are located near play equipment so that they can watch their children enjoy themselves. Of course, this can become an issue if visitors bring food and beverages with them each time that they visit the park. To make things easier, place a small waste can next to each bench and post signs in portions of the park where food and drinks are prohibited. Assign a monetary amount that a person will be fined if they are found breaking the rules to reduce the chances that trash will be thrown in random areas. 

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