3 Common Types Of Hazardous Waste During A Home Renovation Project

4 December 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you are going to be renovating your home, you could be worried about the hazardous waste that you could end up dealing with. Depending on your project, there are various types of hazardous waste that you may have to dispose of. These are some of the types of hazardous waste that you might find yourself having to work with a hazardous waste management company for.

1. Paint and Painting Supplies

If your home renovation project is like many, it might involve painting or staining. Whether you're planning on painting your walls, ceilings, your cabinets or all of the above and more, you might end up with extra primer, paint, stain, paint thinner and more. You may also have paint rollers, paint brushes and other used supplies that have paint on them. You shouldn't just toss paint and painting supplies in the regular garbage, since it can be considered hazardous waste. Instead, you'll want to work with a hazardous waste management company so that you can get rid of these items in the proper manner.

2. Light Bulbs

In the midst of your project, you might be swapping out light fixtures and light bulbs. Light bulbs should be disposed of carefully; this is particularly true with certain types of bulbs, such as fluorescent light bulbs. Make sure that you handle light bulbs carefully when disposing of them; not only are some of them considered to be hazardous waste, but you also have to worry about broken glass that could cut you or someone else.

3. Cleaning Supplies

During and after your project, you will probably be using a lot of cleaning supplies. This can help you clean up during and after your project so that you have a clean slate to work on when renovating and so that your home sparkles when the project is completed. Certain cleaning chemicals are too hazardous to just throw in the regular garbage, so talk to your hazardous waste management company to find out more about how to dispose of certain cleaning supplies.

When you are handling your home renovation project, there is a good chance that you could end up dealing with some types of hazardous waste. Luckily, though, there are options for getting rid of this type of waste with minimal problems. If you hire a hazardous waste management company, you can get tips and advice for getting rid of your hazardous waste in a safe, efficient and eco-friendly manner while tackling your home renovation project.